Why Ceaseless Automation?

Although companies might be able to automate IT processes by themselves, due to their lack of experience and expertise they will not be able to optimally utilize their resources resulting in high costs. Communication between the IT department and other departments still remains a huge obstacle for companies causing many automation projects to fail. As we already have experience with automation and have the necessary communication skills, we will be able to overcome these challenges with ease.

Our automation bots can handle an array of tasks

  • The accessing of different programs

  • Manipulation of documents and folders

  • Data migration between systems

  • Extracting & Managing information from documents

  • Filling in documents and forms

  • ERP Automation

  • Custom Solutions

Department Related Examples

Financial Services

  • Invoicing

  • Reporting

  • Account Reconciliation

  • Processing transactions

  • Preparing Financial Data

  • Extracting financial information

Human Resources

  • Filtering Resumes

  • Managing Payrolls

  • Employee Onboarding

  • Linkedin Recruitment

  • Declaration Handling and Validation


  • Order Placement

  • Validation of orders

  • Contract management

  • Processing Product Returns


  • Finding online Leads

  • Sending follow-up e-mails

  • Updating CRM Information

IT Services

  • Data Transfer

  • Application Testing

  • Automate Backups